About Us

Babu Rampal Singh Mahavidhyalaya is a caring, stimulating, open and inclusive learning environment where excellence is standard. We want to help you to become a confident, ambitious young person, with great aspirations for your future, determination and commitment to go on and achieve well in your life.

At Babu Rampal Singh Mahavidhyalaya, you will be part of a team, learning respect for others and our community. You will work collectively in the spirit of healthy competition to help your ‘house’ be the best. You will also be challenged and supported as an individual to be the best that you can be. You will have excellent opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, to gain great experience and develop exceptionally well academically and personally.

We know why we do what we do. To work with young people and to teach is a privilege, and we well know the difference that we make. We ask that you know well why you do what you do: to do well, to set yourself up for a better future so that you can enjoy a fulfilling and happy life, doing great work that you love, and being a great citizen.

lways try to do your best, for yourself and for others. Present yourself and attend well. Get involved and make the most of College life. Trust in your ability. Never give up, and remember that with hard work you can achieve beyond expectation. At Babu Rampal Singh Mahavidhyalaya, we will never leave you behind. You will come with us.